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About JAHC

Mission Statement

"Improving the quality of life in Jackson area neighborhoods by assisting people to become home owners in Jackson County"

Vision Statement

"All residents of Jackson County will have the opportunity to own safe, affordable housing."

We accomplish this by providing the following programs and services:

Jackson Affordable Housing Corporation

JAHC was established in 1990 for the purpose of combining and coordinating available resources to provide affordable acquisition and rehabilitation financing for low to moderate-income families in the City of Jackson, Michigan.
JAHC is a non-profit organization with 501( c ) ( 3 ) tax-exempt corporation status. Donations are tax deductible. JAHC may solicit and accept donations and contributions as well as apply for and/or process government grants and otherwise participate in governmental programs, which further the corporate purpose.
JAHC may purchase, sell, lease, mortgage and rent real estate. JAHC may also contract for demolition, repair, rehabilitation, and construction of residential, commercial and other structures.
The board of directors has members from established financial institutions, human service organizations, members of religious groups, community based non-profit organizations, business owners or organizations, and community members. The board of directors maintains at least nine members but not more than 17. Members are appointed at the annual meeting and serve for three-year terms.
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