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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Jackson Affordable Housing Corporation do?

Do I have to buy one of your homes?

How do I know if I am eligible?

Will Jackson Affordable Housing Corporation give me a mortgage?

Do I have to buy a house in a certain area?

  • To receive financial assistance the home you purchase must be within Jackson city limits. There are different programs available in Jackson County. You may talk with the Counselor to determine which program will work for you.

What kind of training/counseling do you offer?

  • All homebuyers are required to attend a certification class provided by JAHC. These are 2-hour classes for some clients, 6-hour (two 3-hour sessions) for others. Call to find out which class fits your needs.
  • JAHC may also be able to help you through the purchase process if you are seeking city funded closing cost assistance (up to $3,000 in city limits).
  • Foreclosure counseling will be available in 2013.
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